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Gaming Glory
Global Story

We're a worldwide force driven by passionate gamers who translate their gaming love into unmatched skills. We thrive on challenges, bouncing back even stronger after setbacks, and we view self-improvement as our ultimate goal.

Our focus

Our focus is on achieving excellence in every title on a global level. Yet, we're more than just a team; we're on a mission to establish ourselves as a globally recognized entertainment brand.

Our priority is building genuine connections with our 3,000,000+ followers from around the world.

3,000,000+ followers
from around the world
B8 founder, Pro player, Streamer, TI Champion

Dendi our amazing founder, who didn't just win "The International" once but reached finals twice, talk about legendary! Forbes noticed his esports superstar status considering him one of the most influential people in esports, and he's got two and a half million followers on social media. But here's the cool part: Valve, put him in their documentary "Free to Play," which is now on Netflix. That's global fame right there!

esports superstar
according to Forbes
The star of Netflix
documentary “Free to Play”
What makes B8 Esports tick?

It's the 15 years of blood, sweat, and passion, that runs through our team's veins. We're all about that champion spirit, and we're on a mission to conquer the esports world.