B8 Esports: Setting Viewership Records in North America's The International 2023 Qualifiers

B8 Esports: Setting Viewership Records in North America's The International 2023 Qualifiers

It's often remarked that the journey matters just as much as the destination. This sentiment was strongly mirrored by B8 Esports' Dota roster in their recent venture to 'The International' qualifiers.
This year's journey was nothing short of exhilarating, and the audience felt every twist and turn.

While the team's close brush with victory was bittersweet—particularly after an awe-inspiring 5-game winning streak from the lower bracket to the grand finals—it was the unprecedented fan support that added a shimmer to the proceedings. Their relentless drive and enthusiasm in each game held audiences captive, clearly reflected in the viewership figures.

Delving into the numbers:

  • 122,942 peak viewership
  • 1,506,980 hours watched

The North American qualifiers for The International 2023 set a benchmark with these numbers, with B8 Esports standing tall as the most-watched team. But this wasn't the only record set. This qualifier achieved an all-time high for Peak Viewers in the region, largely attributed to B8's gripping performance.

It's intriguing to note the composition of teams in these North American qualifiers. While teams mainly featured a blend of talents from the USA, Canada, and other regions, it was the Ukrainian-dominant B8 Esports that captured the most attention. Under the leadership of Dendi, the team soared to the final. Although they were edged out by NOUNS in the ultimate showdown, their journey garnered massive support.

Across the qualifiers, more than 1.5 million Hours were Watched, with Average Viewers consistently touching 27.6K. But the highlight was undeniably the final series between B8 Esports and NOUNS. On this climactic day, viewer numbers swelled to two or even three times their usual count. Notably, a significant portion hailed from Eastern Europe, passionately tuning in to back B8.

The data and figures presented in the article are sourced from escharts.com:

Setbacks, while a staple in sports, only set the stage for future triumphs. The outpouring love and fervor from our fans underline this belief. As B8 does, we keep the momentum going, fueled by an undying spirit and the promise of brighter tomorrows. Because with support as immense as this, greatness is just around the corner! ✊