B8 Partners with Maincard.io

B8 Partners with Maincard.io

B8 proudly announces our latest partnership with Maincard.io, a leader in blockchain and fantasy sports management. This collaboration is a major step forward in combining esports with cutting-edge technology.

Maincard.io Explained

Maincard.io is transforming sports predictions with its blockchain-based platform. It's an accessible entry point into Web 3.0, helping users easily understand blockchain, NFTs, and decentralization.

Maincard.io's Esports Initiative

Maincard.io is actively entering the esports scene, planning to invest up to $500,000 to establish its presence. This includes organizing Dota 2 tournaments, notably one in Los Angeles in 2024. The collaboration with B8 marks Maincard.io's commitment to becoming a key player in the gaming industry, and we're excited to be their first step into esports.

B8 as Maincard.io Ambassadors

As Maincard.io's ambassadors, B8 will play a crucial role in linking gaming with blockchain technology. This partnership extends beyond sponsorship; it's about enhancing the gaming experience by offering players unique rewards and collectibles on Maincard.io’s platform.

Dendi's Vision

Dendi, the founder of B8, shares his excitement: “Partnering with Maincard.io is a thrilling step for us. It's a unique opportunity where the world of gaming intersects with blockchain. This partnership will open new and exciting ways to engage our community and add value to the gaming experience.”

This partnership is a progressive move for B8 and Maincard.io, ushering in a new era in esports. We're eager to delve into the possibilities this collaboration brings, aiming to transform the esports and blockchain realms.