B8 Partners with PARA to Empower Content Creators and Streamers

B8 Partners with PARA to Empower Content Creators and Streamers

Announcing a New Partnership

B8 Esports Club is thrilled to announce our new partnership and sponsorship with PARA.co, a dynamic platform designed to support content creators in building strong relationships with their fans. This partnership is sure to enhance the experience for both our talents and their devoted followers.

About PARA

PARA is a revolutionary platform that transforms the way content creators engage with their audience. By fostering a win-win situation, PARA allows creators to monetize their passion for content creation while fans receive personal attention and unique experiences from their favorite authors.

The platform provides a unique space for content creators to offer exclusive content, insights, and interactions to their most devoted fans. In return, fans can support their favorite creators, making it a mutually beneficial relationship.

Supporting our Talents

At B8, we are committed to integrating PARA into our talents' routine and providing all the necessary support to help them create exceptional content for their fans. This partnership aims to enhance the quality of interactions between our talents and their audience, allowing for a more personal and rewarding experience.

A Word from Dendi:

"Our partnership with PARA is an exciting step forward for B8 and our talents. We're always looking for ways to engage more closely with our fans, and PARA provides an excellent platform for this. This collaboration allows our talents to offer exclusive content and interactions to our fans, adding a new dimension to the content creation process," says Dendi, our legendary midlaner and founder of B8.

The Road Ahead

We're excited about the possibilities this partnership with PARA brings to B8. We believe it will not only empower our talents to create more engaging content but also provide our fans with unique opportunities to interact with their favorite creators.