Defining B8's Core Values: The Path to Resilience and Passion

Defining B8's Core Values: The Path to Resilience and Passion

The Need for Defined Values:

At B8, we've always aimed to be more than just a competitive name in esports. We aspire to be a united team, bound by common values. Yet, a subtle sense emerged that not everyone in our ranks might be synchronized with the foundational principles guiding us.

Such gaps, though they might appear insignificant, can have profound effects on our consistent performance, both in the heat of esports competition and in the efficiency of our backend teams. The challenge lay in addressing the question: How can we ensure every member of B8 marches to the same beat?

The Path to Clarification:

To tackle this, we assembled a diverse group: players, coaches, and managers, resulting in a nine-member task force. Their mission was straightforward but essential: to crystallize the core principles and values that embody B8.

To facilitate a structured dialogue, we started with a simple Google form. Its purpose was to capture the current perception of our team's core values. The responses received helped frame a more targeted agenda for our subsequent brainstorming. Further, to spur creativity and widen horizons, we also shared values and principles from other teams as reference points.

Unity in Thought:

The brainstorming phase was executed in smaller sub-groups, each reflecting on and then presenting their understanding of B8’s values. The encouraging takeaway was the overarching similarity across all pitches, reflecting a latent unity of thought. This coherence streamlined our task, helping us distill a potent top three core values:

Self-Education: This signifies the relentless pursuit of knowledge and skill enhancement. In the fast-evolving domain of esports, there's no room for complacency. Continuous learning and adaptability are imperative.

Passion: This isn't just a word for us; it's the lifeblood of B8. Whether it's the adrenaline rush of the game or the meticulousness of a task, passion is what fuels our drive. It's about prioritizing the game or job and giving it one's all, but always within the framework of rationality.

Resilience: Possibly the bedrock of our philosophy. In the challenging terrains of esports, setbacks are par for the course. However, our mettle is tested not by our falls, but by our ability to rise, time and again. At B8, we champion the spirit of resilience, understanding that it's indispensable for achieving long-term success.

In the dynamic arena of esports, these values stand as our compass. With these guiding principles, we're confident that B8 will craft many more success stories. To our ardent supporters and fans, anticipate nothing short of unwavering dedication and exceptional performances in the future.