Introducing B8's Powerhouse CS2 Roster!

Introducing B8's Powerhouse CS2 Roster!

We're stoked to unveil our new CS2 roster that's ready to take on the esports world by storm. Meet the skilled players and team members who will represent B8 in the upcoming season.

Meet the Players:

  • r1nkle (Artem Moroz): Known for his precision and quick reflexes, Artem is a key player in our lineup.
  • npl (Andrii Kukharskyi): A former NaVi star, Andrii's tactical prowess and gameplay skills make him a valuable asset.
  • cptkurtka (Arsenii Derevinskyi): With an aggressive playstyle and ability to read the opponent's moves, Arsenii is a force to be reckoned with.
  • amster (Denys Liashenko): Denys, known for his incredible teamwork and communication skills, ensures smooth gameplay for the team.
  • OWNER (Mykhailo Lymar): Mykhailo's strategic vision and game knowledge make him a cornerstone of our team.

The Support Squad:

  • Coach: maddened (Ivan Iordanidi): Ivan's experience and game insights provide essential guidance for our players, ensuring top-notch performance.
  • Analyst: Candy (Vlasenko Dmytro): Dmytro's analytical skills help our team identify opportunities and optimize strategies.

A Word from the Coach:

"We're currently in intensive training mode, making changes and learning from past experiences. The team is showing promising progress, and we need to keep pushing to demonstrate our skills in action," says coach maddened.

Aiming High

With the dedication and talent of our new roster, we're confident in our ability to put on a show in the upcoming CS2 season. Our past performances in back-to-back RMRs have shown that we have what it takes to compete at the highest level. While we may have fallen short of making it to the Major in the past, we believe that with this roster, we have everything we need to reach new heights.

The Road Ahead

As we prepare for the upcoming season, we want to thank our fans for their continued support. Your enthusiasm fuels our determination to strive for excellence. Stay tuned for updates on our journey, and get ready to cheer for B8 as we face off against the best in the CS2 arena!